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  1. Open the Quality Tasks view’s drop-down menu and choose Configure Contents.
    • Note that this same drop-down menu can be used to Import tasks, Explore TeamServer reports, or generate a Report.

  2. Enable Details and click OK
  3. Expand Fix Unit Test Problems fully to review information about the first problem.



  4. Double-click the /ATM/ATM.cxx line in the Quality Tasks tab to open the source code associated with the problem.



  5. In the Quality Tasks view, double-click the first ...TestSuite... line to open the test case associated with the problem.




    • Note that the test case creates an ATM object passing bank and display pointers to the constructor—and makes the viewAccount call passing the account number and password as arguments.
    • The display pointer dereferenced where the access violation is reported was defined as null, which is most likely the problem.


  6. To modify the test case source, open the test case code and initialize _display_0 pointer with a valid display object:



  7. Save the file changes.
  8. Select test_viewAccount_1 (the test that identified the problem) in the Test Case Explorer and rerun the Run Unit Tests (File Scope) Test Configuration. Note that the unit test problem in test_viewAccount_1 is resolved.
  9. Fix the code in the test_viewAccount_2 in the same way: initialize _display_0 with the valid object.
  10. Select ATM.cxx and include in the project tree and rerun the unit tests.Note that additional tests were run and no test failures were reported.

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