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If you have been performing these exercises in sequence, the Quality Tasks view should now list a number of Unit Test Outcomes."




  1. Expand the Outcomes branch for TestSuite_ATM_cxx.cpp and double-click the line for the first result to view the code.
    • The reported unverified outcomes have not been reviewed and verified as valid out-comes for the test run. After you review the result, you can verify these outcomes as the expected output by running the tests and convert them to test case assertions. This will modify the test case source and change the CPPTEST_POST_CONDITION macros to CPPTEST_ASSERT macros with the latest test results recorded as the expected results.
  2. Right-click the line containing the unverified outcome in the Quality Tasks view and choose Verify Outcome from the shortcut menu.



    Note the change to the test case source.



  3. You can verify multiple test outcomes (or all outcomes) simultaneously by selecting them in the Quality Tasks view and choosing the appropriate command. Right-click the top-level Review Unit Test Outcomes in the Quality Tasks view and select Verify All Outcomes.
  4. Rerun the unit tests and verify that there are no problems reported and no unverified outcomes remaining. These test suites can now be used as a regression test suite. If a modification to the code produces different results than recorded, an assertion error will be generated and provide you the information needed to analyze if the new result is correct. If so, the assertion can be updated to record the new result information.
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