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C/C++test can run on either a local or a network license:

Network License

To activate your network license:

  1. Ensure that DTP is enabled and properly configured; see Connecting to DTP. Connecting to DTP automatically configures your network license.
  2. Click Parasoft in the menu bar and choose Options (Visual Studio) or Preferences (Eclipse).

  3. Select License.
  4. Ensure that the Network option is enabled.

  5. Select the license edition you want to use from the Edition drop-down menu.
  6. Click Apply.

Borrowing a Network License

License borrowing allows you to use C/C++test when you cannot connect with the host that serves your license, for example, during travel or when the server is being upgraded. When you borrow a license, one of the license tokens is locked to your machine for the specified amount of time. Licenses can be borrowed from 1 hour to 14 days.

To borrow a license, enable the Borrow option in the License panel and specify the number of days and hours you are going to use the license.

Activating and Deactivating a Network License

By default, the license is activated on IDE startup and remains active until the IDE is closed. You can optimize license token distribution so that your license token is available for another user when you are not actively using C/C++test in your IDE.

You can manually deactivate the license by choosing Parasoft> Deactivate License from the IDE menu. To reactivate the license, choose Parasoft> Activate License or start interacting with the tool.

Also, you can configure C/C++test to automatically manage your license token by enabling the Start deactivated, release automatically when idle option on the License preference page. With this option enabled:

  • the license is not active on IDE startup and is activated when you start interacting with the tool.
  • the license is automatically deactivated after about half an hour of inactivity.

Advanced Network License Configuration

Configuring advanced network license settings allows you to obtain the network license from secondary instance of DTP or a standalone License Server.

  1. Go to Parasoft> Options(Visual Studio) or Preferences (Eclipse)> License.

  2. Click the Configure... link.
  3. Enable the Use the following License Server option in the popup dialog that opens.
  4. Configure the connection.

    • To use a license from a standalone License Server:

      1. Specify the Base URL to the standalone License Server. The port number should be 8080. The context path (a relative path from the host name) is not supported for a standalone License Server.

        (warning) Do not enable authentication.

    • To use a license from secondary DTP

      1. Specify the Base URL to the secondary DTP. The default port numbers for DTP are: 

        • 8443 for https://

        • 8080 (on Linux) and 80 (on Windows) for http://

If DTP is deployed to a location other than the root of the host server, the URL should include a context path (a relative path from the host name). This may be the case if your organization uses a reverse proxy. For example: Refer to the DTP documentation for additional information about reverse proxy server configuration and context path configuration.

b. Enable the Use authentication option.

c. Provide the username and password.

5. Click OK in the dialog box.

6. Click Apply in the main License page.

(info) If the Use configured DTP settings option is enabled, the license will be obtained as normal – from the DTP server you configured for your development testing workflow (see Connecting to DTP). This option is enabled by default.

Local License

To configure the local license:

  1. Click Parasoft in the menu bar and choose Options (Visual Studio) or Preferences (Eclipse).

  2. Select License.
  3. Enable the Local option.
  4. Complete the Password field with the password you obtained from Parasoft.
  5. Click Apply.

Contact your Parasoft representative should you experience any issues with your license.

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