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Sending Results to DTP

To enable sending results and publishing source code to DTP, you need to ensure that the connection to your DTP server is properly configured, see Connecting to DTP.

Verify that the source-related settings are properly configured to ensure that data is presented in the drill-down reports consistently.

You can enable sending results to DTP by the report.dtp.publish property to true:


Alternatively, you can use the -publish command line switch:

cpptestcli -publish

Associating Results with a DTP Project

You can associate results sent to DTP with a specific DTP project by configuring the dtp.project property. For example, the following configuration will associate the results published to DTP with the "extensions" project:


Publishing Source Code to DTP

By default, tested sources are sent to DTP when reporting to DTP is enabled. This enables DTP to present source code associated with findings.

You can use the report.dtp.publish.src property to disable the publishing of source code, restrict the depth of source code publishing, or enable source code publishing when sending reports to DTP is disabled.

The report.dtp.publish.src property can be set to one of the following values:

  • off: Source code is not published to DTP.
  • min: Publishes the minimal part of sources. Only the source code that has no reference to source control is published.
  • full: Publishes all sources associated with the specified scope. This is the default setting.

See Report Settings for details.

See the "DTP User Guide" for additional information about viewing source code in DTP.

Publishing Sources to DTP Without Running Code Analysis 

C/C++test needs to execute to send data to DTP, but you may want to send publish sources to DTP without running analysis. 

  1. Create an empty test configuration and save it to [INSTALL_DIR]/configs/user; see Configuring Test Configurations for details.
  2. Run the configuration with the appropriately configured report.dtp.publish.src property.
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