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You can specify a directory that will be used for storing:

  • custom rules created with Parasoft RuleWizard

The rule mapping available in this directory will affect all built-in and user test configurations that are locally available.

To specify the custom directory for custom rules and the rule map:

  1. Click  Parasoft in the menu bar and choose Options (Visual Studio) or Preferences (Eclipse).

  2. Select Configurations.
  3. Enable the User rule map option and provide the path to the directory. The default path is [INSTALL_DIR]\rules\user.

Backward Compatibility

From version 10.4, the local user rule mapping is only applied to local test configurations (see Viewing Rule Mapping). If DTP-shared rule mapping is configured, it only affects test configurations stored in DTP.

In versions earlier than 10.4:

  • any configured rule mapping (local or DTP-shared) applied to both local and DTP configurations,
  • if rule customizations were simultaneously available locally and on DTP, the rule mapping information was merged,
  • if a particular rule was customized both locally and on DTP, the local mapping had priority over the DTP customization.

To ensure backward compatibility for versions earlier than 10.4,  add the rules.mappings=all setting to the list of advanced settings in your IDE, or to the .properties configuration file; see Customizing Advanced Settings.

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