If you are experiencing technical problems, such as test process failure, the best way to remedy the problem is to create a zip archive containing the source file(s) that caused that failure (if applicable), as well as related test information, then send that zip file to Parasoft's support team. On average, these archives are about half a megabyte, and are created in about one minute.

Creating a Support Archive in Command Line

You can configure C/C++test to create a package for technical support. Add the following settings to your .properties configuration file:

techsupport.archive.location=[OUTPUT DIRECTORY]

A technical support package will be created in the output directory at the end of an analysis run.

Creating a Support Archive in the IDE

  1. In your IDE, click Parasoft in the menu bar and choose Options (Visual Studio) or Preferences (Eclipse).

  2. Select Technical Support.
  3. Enable the Enable option and choose any additional options.

  4.  (Optional) Enable the Archives option and specify the custom location where created archives will be placed. If a custom location is not specified, archives will be created in the default workspace location (click Explore Archives to view the location).

  5. Click Apply.
  6. Click Create Archive.

When creating a support archive it is best to ensure that it contains all the information that is relevant to the problem, while avoiding unrelated information.

To access recent support archives:

  1. Click  Parasoft in the menu bar and choose  Options (Visual Studio) or Preferences (Eclipse).

  2. Select Technical Support.
  3. Click Explore Archives to view the archives created in the specified location or in the default workspace location.

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