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Supported Compilers

This section lists compiler configurations are included with C/C++test DTP Engine.


CompilerIdentifierHost Platform
Altium TASKING Vx-toolset for TriCore C/C++ Compiler 4.0vxtc_4_0Windows, Linux


CompilerIdentifierHost Platform
ARM® Compiler 5.0rvct_5_0Windows
ARM® GNU GCC 4.5.xarmgcc_4_5Windows
ARM® RealView® 3.0rvct_3_0Windows, Linux
ARM® RealView® 3.1rvct_3_1Windows, Linux
ARM® RealView® 4.0rvct_4_0Windows
ARM® RealView® 4.1rvct_4_1Windows


CompilerIdentifierHost Platform
GNU GCC 3.3.xgcc_3_3Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 3.3.x (x64)gcc_3_3-64Linux
GNU GCC 3.4xgcc_3_4Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 3.4.x (x64)gcc_3_4-64Linux
GNU GCC 4.0.xgcc_4_0Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 4.0.x (x64)gcc_4_0-64Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 4.1.xgcc_4_1Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 4.1.x (x64)gcc_4_1-64Linux
GNU GCC 4.2.xgcc_4_2Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 4.2.x (x64)gcc_4_2-64Linux
GNU GCC 4.3.xgcc_4_3Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 4.3.x (x64)gcc_4_3-64Linux
GNU GCC 4.4.xgcc_4_4Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 4.4.x (x64)gcc_4_4-64Linux
GNU GCC 4.5.xgcc_4_5Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 4.5.x (x64)gcc_4_5-64Linux
GNU GCC 4.6.xgcc_4_6Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 4.6.x (x64)gcc_4_6-64Linux
GNU GCC 4.7.xgcc_4_7Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 4.7.x (x64)gcc_4_7-64Linux
GNU GCC 4.8.xgcc_4_8Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 4.8.x (x64)gcc_4_8-64Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 4.9.xgcc_4_9Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 4.9.x (x64)gcc_4_9-64Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 5.xgcc_5Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 5.x (x64)gcc_5-64Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 6.x gcc_6Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 6.x (x64)gcc_6-64Windows, Linux

Green Hills

CompilerIdentifierHost Platform
Green Hills® Software Compiler 5.0 PowerPCghs_5_0Windows
Green Hills® Software C/C++ Compiler v2013.1.x for PowerPCghsppc_2013_1Windows
Green Hills® Software C/C++ Compiler v2017.1.x for PowerPCghsppc_2017_1Windows
Green Hills® Software Compiler 5.1 V850ghs_5_1Windows


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
IAR Compiler 5.4x for ARM®iccarm_5_4Windows
IAR Compiler 5.5x for ARM®iccarm_5_5Windows
IAR Compiler 6.1x for ARM®iccarm_6_1WindowsC only
IAR Compiler 6.3x for ARM®iccarm_6_3WindowsC only
IAR Compiler 6.6x for ARM®iccarm_6_6Windows
IAR Compiler 7.4x for ARM®iccarm_7_4Windows
IAR Compiler 7.8x for ARM®iccarm_7_8Windows
IAR Compiler 8.11.x for ARM®iccarm_8_11Windows
IAR Compiler 5.4x for MSP430®icc430_5_4WindowsStatic Analysis only
IAR Compiler for MSP430® v. 6.1xicc430_6_1WindowsStatic Analysis only


CompilerIdentifierHost Platform
ARM® Compiler 5.0 for uVisionrvct_5_0_uVWindows
ARM® RealView® 3.1 for uVisionrvct_3_1_uVWindows
ARM® RealView® 4.0 for uVisionrvct_4_0_uVWindows
ARM® RealView® 4.1 for uVisionrvct_4_1_uVWindows


CompilerIdentifierHost Platform
Microsoft® Visual C++® 9.0vc_9_0Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 9.0 (x64)vc_9_0-64Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 10.0vc_10_0Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 10.0 (x64)vc_10_0-64Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 11.0 vc_11_0Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 11.0 (x64)vc_11_0-64Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 12.0 vc_12_0Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 12.0 (x64)vc_12_0-64Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 14.0vc_14_0Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 14.0 (x64)vc_14_0-64Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 14.10.x-14.12.xvc_14_1Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 14.10.x-14.12.x (x64)vc_14_1-64Windows

National Instruments

CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
National Instruments LabWindows/CVI 2015 Clang C/C++ Compiler v3.3 for Win32niclang_3_3WindowsStatic Analysis only


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
Renesas RX C/C++ Compiler 2.2xrenrx_2_2WindowsStatic Analysis only
Renesas M16C/R8C C Compiler 5.4xrm16c_5_4WindowsStatic Analysis only
Renesas SH SERIES C/C++ Compiler V.9.03.xxhew_9_3Windows
Renesas SH SERIES C/C++ Compiler V.9.04.xxhew_9_4Windows
Renesas RX V2.05.xrenrx_2_5Windows

Texas Instruments

CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
TI® ARM C/C++ Compiler v5.1.xtiarm_5_1Linux, Windows
TI® MSP430 C/C++ Compiler v3.2timsp430_3_2Windows
TI® MSP430 C/C++ Compiler v4.0timsp430_4_0Windows
TI® TMS320C2000 C/C++ Compiler v4.1tic2000_4_1WindowsStatic Analysis only
TI® TMS320C2000 C/C++ Compiler v5.2tic2000_5_2Windows
TI® TMS320C2000 C/C++ Compiler v6.0tic2000_6_0Windows
TI® TMS320C2000 C/C++ Compiler v6.2tic2000_6_2Windows
TI® TMS320C6x C/C++ Compiler v5.1tic6000_5_1WindowsStatic Analysis only
TI® TMS320C6x C/C++ Compiler v6.0tic6000_6_0Windows
TI® TMS320C6x C/C++ Compiler v6.1tic6000_6_1Windows, Linux
TI® TMS320C6x C/C++ Compiler v7.3tic6000_7_3Windows
TI® TMS320C6x C/C++ Compiler v7.4tic6000_7_4Windows
TI® TMS470 C/C++ Compiler v4.9.xtiarm_4_9Windows

Wind River

CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
Wind River® Diab 5.7.xdiab_5_7Windows, Linux
Wind River® Diab 5.8.xdiab_5_8Windows, Linux
Wind River® Diab 5.9.xdiab_5_9Windows, Linux
Wind River® GCC 3.3.xwrgcc_3_3Windows
Wind River® GCC 3.4.xwrgcc_3_4Windows, Linux
Wind River® GCC 4.1.xwrgcc_4_1Windows, Linux
Wind River® GCC 4.3.xwrgcc_4_3Windows, Linux
Wind River® GCC 4.8.xwrgcc_4_8Windows, LinuxStatic Analysis only

Custom-developed and Deprecated Compilers

This section lists configurations for custom-developed and deprecated compilers that are available for download in the Parasoft Marketplace at


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
Altera Nios II 5.1 b73® GCC 3.4.xnios2gcc_3_4LinuxStatic Analysis only
Altera Nios® GCC 2.9niosgcc_2_9LinuxStatic Analysis only


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
Altium TASKING Vx-toolset for TriCore C/C++ Compiler 2.5vxtc_2_5WindowsC only
Altium TASKING Vx-toolset for TriCore C/C++ Compiler 3.3vxtc_3_3Windows
Altium TASKING Vx-toolset for TriCore C/C++ Compiler 3.4vxtc_3_4Windows
Altium TASKING Vx-toolset for TriCore C/C++ Compiler 3.5vxtc_3_5Windows
TASKING 80C196 C compiler v6.0 r1c196_6_0WindowsStatic Analysis only
Altium TASKING Classic Compiler for C166/ST10 v. 6.0tc166_6_0WindowsStatic Analysis only

Analog Devices

CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
Analog Devices C/C++ Compiler 7.0 for ADSP SHARCad21k_7_0WindowsStatic Analysis only
Analog Devices C/C++ Compiler 7.0 for ADSP TigerSHARCadts_7_0WindowsStatic Analysis only


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
ARM® Developer Suite 1.2ads_1_2Windows, Linux
ARM® RealView® 2.2rvct_2_2Windows


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
Borland C++ Compiler 5.6.x for Win32bcc32_5_6WindowsStatic Analysis only
Embarcadero C++ Compiler 6.2x for Win32bcc32_6_2WindowsStatic Analysis only
Embarcadero C++ Compiler 6.9x for Win32bcc32_6_9WindowsStatic Analysis only


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
COSMIC Software ® 68HC08 C Cross Compiler V4.6.xRenesas SH SERIES C/C++ Compiler V.5.1x.xhc08_4_6ew_5_1WindowsStatic Analysis only


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
eCosCentric® GCC 3.4.xecosgcc_3_4


Static Analysis only


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
Freescale CodeWarrior ANSI-C/cC++ Compiler 5.0.x for HC12cwhc12_5_0WindowsStatic Analysis only
Freescale C/C++ Compiler v. 5.1 for Embedded ARMcwarm_5_1WindowsStatic Analysis only


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
FR Family SOFTUNE C/C++ Compiler V6fr_6_5Windows


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
GNU GCC 2.9.xgcc_2_9Windows, Linux
GNU GCC 3.2.xgcc_3_2Windows, Linux

Green Hills

CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
Green Hills Software Compiler for PPC v. 3.5ghsppc_3_5Windows
Green Hills Software Compiler for PPC v. 4.0.xghsppc_4_0Windows
Green Hills Software Compiler for PPC v. 4.2.xghsppc_4_2Windows
Green Hills® Software Compiler 3.4 V850ghs_3_4Windows
Green Hills® Software Compiler 4.0 Nativeghs_4_0Windows
Green Hills® Software Compiler 4.2 Nativeghs_4_2Linux


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
IAR Compiler 1.4x for STM8®iccstm8_1_40WindowsStatic Analysis only
IAR Compiler 5.3x for ARM®iccarm_5_3WindowsC only
IAR Compiler 5.3x for MSP430®icc430_5_3Windows
IAR Compiler for MSP430 v. 4.2xicc430_4_2WindowsStatic Analysis only
IAR Compiler for RX v. 2.5xiccrx_2_50Windows


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
Keil C51 8.xc51_8WindowsStatic Analysis only
Keil C166 7.0kc166_7_0WindowsStatic Analysis only

Mentor Graphics/CodeSourcery

CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
CodeSourcery Sourcery G++ Lite 2009q1-203Renesas SH SERIES C/C++ Compiler V.5.1x.xcsgccarm_4_3ew_5_1Windows, LinuxStatic Analysis only


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
Microchip MPLAB® C Compiler for dsPIC v3.2xpic30_3_23WindowsStatic Analysis only
Microchip MPLAB® C32 Compiler for PIC32 v2.0xpic32_2_0WindowsStatic Analysis only


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
Microsoft® Visual C++® 6.0vc_6_0Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 7.1vc_7_1Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 8.0vc_8_0Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 8.0 (x64)vc_8_0-64Windows
Microsoft® Embedded Visual C++® 4.0evc_4_0Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 8.0 for Windows Mobileevc_8_0Windows
Microsoft® Visual C++® 9.0 for Windows Mobileevc_9_0

National Instruments

CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
National Instruments LabWindows/CVI 9.0nicvi_9_0WindowsStatic Analysis only, standard non-third party CVI compiler
National Instruments LabWindows/CVI 2013 Clang C/C++ Compiler v2.9 for Win32niclang_2_9WindowsStatic Analysis only


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
QNX® GCC 2.9.xqcc_2_9Windows
QNX® GCC 3.3.xqcc_3_3Windows
QNX® GCC 4.2.xqcc_4_2Windows
QNX® GCC 4.4.xqcc_4_4Windows


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
Renesas SH SERIES C/C++ Compiler V.5.1x.xew_5_1WindowsStatic Analysis only


CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
STMicroelectronics® ST20st20_2_2WindowsStatic Analysis only
STMicroelectronics® ST40st40_3_1WindowsStatic Analysis only

Texas Instruments

CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
TI® ARM C/C++ Compiler v5.0.xtiarm_5_0WindowsStatic Analysis only
TI® TMS320C54x C/C++ Compiler v4.2tic54x_4_2WindowsStatic Analysis only
TI® TMS320C55x C/C++ Compiler v4.3tic55x_4_3Windows

Wind River

CompilerIdentifierHost PlatformComments
Wind River® Diab 5.5.xdiab_5_5Windows, Linux
Wind River® Diab 5.6.xdiab_5_6Windows, Linux
Wind River® EGCS 2.9wregcs_2_9Windows
Wind River® GCC 2.9wrgcc_2_9Windows

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