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You can customize reports by configuring the settings in the .properties file (see Configuration Overview). This section describes examples of how your reports can be configured. See Report Settings for a complete list of settings that allow you to customize your reports to your needs.

Specifying Report Output Location

You can configure the location of reports with the report.location property. For example:


Alternatively, you can specify the output directory for reports with the -report switch. For example:

cpptestcli -report /home/reports/html

Specifying Report Format

By default, an HTML report is generated. You can generate a PDF report or a report with a custom extension to the specified directory by setting the report.format property. For example:


Generating a .csv Report

  1. Ensure that the project was already analyzed with C/C++test and thatthecpptest.bdffileexists (see above).
  2. Create an empty configuration file ( and add the following line:
  3. Run code analysis and specify the configuration file with the -settings switch:

    cpptestcli -config "builtin://Recommended Rules" -compiler gcc_3_4 -settings -input cpptest.bdf

C/C++test will perform the following tasks:

  1. Run the analysis as described above
  2. Report results to the output console
  3. Create an additional report.csvresult file

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