The following Intel® compilers are supported:

(info) We recommend using C/C++test Professional for Eclipse to fully leverage C/C++test's capabilities with this compiler family. See the Parasoft C/C++test Professional for Eclipse User Guide for details.

Intel C++ Compiler v 18.0

  • Compiler acronym: intelicc_18_0
  • Host OS: Linux
  • Supported practices: Full support
  • Unit testing and application monitoring will work on simple projects but require the C++test runtime to be built while the test configuration executes by setting autoBuildDefault="true" in the test execution flow. 
  • Support level: Standard

Additional Notes

  • The -m32 option is not supported
  • C++17 features are not supported
  • The C++ language standard must be specified on the command line.
  • C++98 is not supported when the compiler is in GCC 6 and later compatibility mode
  • Using the compiler in GCC 7 and later compatibility mode is not supported

About Support Levels

  • Extended: Support has been validated with extended testing and is approved for use in safety-critical software development.
  • Standard: Support has been validated with standard testing and is approved for use in non-safety critical software development.
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