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This topic provides details about results in the Unverified Outcome category.


An unverified outcome message (a Review Unit Test Outcomes> Unverified Outcomes category message) is reported when C++test executes automatically-generated or user-defined test cases with postconditions that have not yet been converted to assertions The outcome might be the expected behavior, or it might indicate a problem. Further review and verification is required.

For details on reviewing the test case that produced this outcome, see  Reviewing Automatically-Generated Test Cases.

Recommended Response

Any test case that you want to use for regression testing should be verified. After an outcome is verified, the related test will fail if the same value is not achieved.

If you are confident that the outcomes represent correct code behavior, you can automatically verify all outcomes without reviewing them by right-clicking the Unverified Outcomes node, then choosing Verify All from the shortcut menu.

If you are not certain that the outcomes represent correct code behavior, reviewing and responding to unverified outcomes is recommended. Often, users discover unexpected behavior and other problems as they review unverified outcomes.

Right-click the message, then choose the appropriate Quick Fix option from the shortcut menu:

  • If the test case outcome is correct (and the finding does not indicate a functional problem), choose Verify outcome.
  • If you want to run the test case but not check the outcome in subsequent tests, choose Ignore outcome.
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