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This topic explains how to create and configure C++test projects for code that is designed to be compiled/built using Renesas HEW.

Importing Projects

The High-performance Embedded Workshop import wizard lets you import one or more complete HEW projects into the C++test workspace. HEW workspace files <.hws> can also be used. The original project to be imported should be built in the High-performance Embedded Workshop IDE for the appropriate target(s).

To import the High-performance Embedded Workshop project:

  1. Choose File> New> Project, then select C++test> Import High-performance Embedded Workshop projects.
  2. In the Select dialog, specify the path to the hwp project file, hws workspace file, or a directory to scan for projects.
  3. Click the Refresh button, select the project(s) to import, then click Next.
  4. Specify the import destination, project contents, and desired build configuration, then click Finish.

A HEW project can also be imported in the command-line mode by using the -hew <.hws or .hwp file location> option. This is described in Testing from the Command Line Interface.

If you want to change the default import settings, you can specify new ones in a plain text options file. This is described in Local Settings (Options) Files.

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