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C++test integrates with Eclipse CDT projects created for SOFTUNE Development Tools. Depending on the testing capabilities you want to use, the following additional configurations may be required:

  • Under the C++test Build Setting (sright-click that project in the project tree, choose Properties from the shortcut menu, then select choose Parasoft> C++test> Build Settings), ensure that:
    • The compiler family is set to FR Family SOFTUNE C/C++ Compiler V6.
    • The proper compiler and linker executables are entered.
      The Synchronize with project settings field must be unchecked:


  • For unit testing on the actual target or simulator, you need to provide a dedicated startup assembler file. This file should provide an appropriate stack and heap memory configuration as well as low-level startup and initialization code. The compiled object  (e.g., startup.obj) should be added to the project’s Linker options.
  • For unit testing on the simulator, the proper IOPORT address needs to be specified as a linker option. For details, see Testing on the Simulator.
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