Generating a .bdf File From a National Instruments Project

  1. Start console.
  2. Add the following locations to your PATH:

  3. Set the C++test install directory on PATH.
  4. Navigate to the directory that contains your project (.prj file)
  5. Build the project with the following command:
    compile.exe -rebuild project_name.prj
  6. Navigate to the new folder created: cvibuild.project_name/<build_config>
  7. Run the jam.exe utility (located in the CVI2013/bin directory of the National Instruments installation), wrapping the command with the cpptesttrace utility (shipped with C++test):

    cpptesttrace --cpptesttraceOutputFile=<project_name>.bdf 
    --cpptesttraceProjectName=<project_name> jam.exe -a


Specify the absolute path to the --cpptesttraceOutputFile option. This is because several .bdf files are likely to spread through working directories spawned by compile.exe toolchain commands. You may have to place quotation marks around the options containing spaces/braces.

By default, the trace feature is configured to capture each toolchain executable name recognized by C++test through built-in compiler configurations. If the process' command-lines aren't scanned, specify the compiler and linker executable names by adding a --cpptesttraceTraceCommand option to the cpptesttrace command. For example:


The cpptesttrace command always appends its output file, so you should remove the previous .bdf file before re-scanning the project.

Importing BDF file into C++test

  1. Start console (or reuse this for BDF generation).
  2. Set environment for the appropriate toolchain as described in the documentation (executables on PATH).
  3. Start C++test.
  4. Follow steps of importing the BDF file described in documentation (see Importing project using Build Data File with the GUI wizard).
  5. Confirm project settings correctness in Properties> Parasoft> C++test> Build Settings.

You must repeat the entire process following any changes to the original project unless you are adding new sources in existing source locations.

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