In most cases, you do not have to perform any additional configuration on C++test projects to run tests using Lauterbach TRACE32. The only element of C++test runtime that is required for testing with TRACE32 is the implementation of the FDX communication protocol.

The FDX communication channel is activated in the C++test runtime library by defining the following macros:

  • "CPPTEST_FDX_TC", "CPPTEST_FDX_PPC", or "CPPTEST_FDX_ARM" - Selects the hardware-specific layer of the FDX communication channel for TriCore, PowerPC or ARM architecture (respectively).

These macros should be used only when preparing a non-standard build of the C++test runtime library. 

You do not need to specify these macros when using TRACE32-dedicated Test Configurations that contain a step for building the runtime library with the "CPPTEST_USE_LAUTERBACH_FDX_COMMUNICATION" macro already defined. Macros to select the platform-dependent layer of the FDX communication channel are defined in the compiler configuration header files located in the C++test distribution at <c++test_install_dir>/engine/runtime/include/config.


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