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C++test supports unit testing and application monitoring with the Lauterbach TRACE32 tools family. 

C++test provides dedicated TRACE32 Test Configurations that automate the test executable preparation process and manage the interaction with the TRACE32 debugger for test execution and results acquisition. 

Tests can be run on the simulator or on the actual hardware. The automated interaction with the debugger is achieved by special script (PRACTICE II language) that is generated by C++test. This script contains the instructions required to set up the debugger, load the test executable, start execution, and collect testing results. Testing results are transferred from the target to host using the Fast Data Exchange (FDX) protocol. On the target side, the implementation of FDX protocol is included in the  C++test runtime library. On the host side, the results are received by a TRACE32 debugger and stored to a file.

Supported Environments

TRACE32 integration is supported for the TriCore (with TASKING TriCore VX-toolset C/C++ compilers) development platform.

Please contact [email protected] for details on using C++test with TRACE32 for:

  • PowerPC (with Wind River Diab C/C++ compiler, Green Hills Multi C/C++ optimizing compiler)
  • ARM (with ARM DS-5 compiler, Wind River Diab C/C++ compiler)
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