Both C++test standalone and the C++test Eclipse plugin allow C++test to be used with IAR Embedded Workbench-no special integration is required.

C++test support in the IAR Embedded Workbench should not be confused with the ability to fully integrate with the development environment; rather, it is preconfigured to work with IAR in the following ways:

  • Support IAR Embedded Workbench’s set of compilers
  • Allow C++test projects to use these compilers
  • Allow complete IAR Embedded Workbench projects to be imported into the C++test workspace.

This chapter contains information common to all supported Embedded Workbench architectures and toolchains. Information about specific toolchains is organized into subsections. The following toolchains are currently supported:

  • MSP430 (EW430)
  • STM8 (EWSTM8)
  • RX (EWRX)
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