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To collect coverage information from the application run:

  1. Create a "Build and Run Application with Coverage Monitoring" Test Configuration as follows.
    1. Open the Test Configurations dialog by choosing Parasoft> Test Configurations.
    2. Right-click the Built-in> Application Monitoring> Build and Run Application with Coverage Monitoring configuration, then choose Duplicate from the shortcut menu. The configuration will be copied to the User-defined category.
    3. Note that Execution mode is set to Application Monitoring.

    4. Click the Edit button next to Instrumentation mode  and enable all coverage metrics.

    5. Click Apply to apply the changes made, then click Close to close the Test Configurations window.

  2. Run the application with coverage instrumentation:
    1. In the project tree, select the Sensor project as the test scope.
    2. Choose Parasoft> Test Using> User-Defined> Build and Run Application with Coverage Monitoring.

  3. Review the results
    1. In the Test Progress view, look at the coverage information reported for the application run.
    2. Open the Coverage view (Choose Parasoft> Show View > Coverage) and see coverage information.




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