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Support Overview

The following compiler/environment versions are supported:

  • IAR EWSTM8 (Embedded Workbench for STM8) 1.4x (static analysis support only, for C and EC++ only, EEC++ is not supported).

IAR EW integration is provided as follows:

  • Project importing is only possible using the cpptesttrace utility (see Importing Projects for more information).

The following components are provided to facilitate the testing of IAR Embedded Workbench projects:

  • Compiler configurations for specific supported versions of IAR compiler for STM8 (listed above).

Known Limitations

C++test does not fully support IAR Extended Embedded C++ (EEC++). Core C++ language features specific to IAR EEC++ (templates, multiple and virtual inheritance, namespaces, mutable attribute, and cast operators) are supported, but C++test does not accept code that uses STL headers. This limitation is caused by the unsupported IAR extensions of the template-related C++ standard algorithms mentioned in Known Limitations.

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