Support Overview

The following compiler/environment versions are supported:

  • IAR EWRL78 (Embedded Workbench for RL78) 3.10.x (C only)

IAR EW integration is provided as follows:

The following components are provided to facilitate testing IAR Embedded Workbench projects:

  • Compiler configurations for specific supported versions of IAR compiler for RL78 (listed above).

Known Limitations

  • C++test does not support C++ for this compiler. This limitation is caused by the unsupported IAR memory keywords not being accepted by C++test.
  • Unit testing and application monitoring is only feasible on RL78 cores that support far and huge heaps. The stack size must also be increased.
    • The minimum far heap size is 8192 bytes.
    • The minimum huge heap size is 10000 bytes.
    • A near heap size of 256 bytes was found to be sufficient.
    • The stack must be at least 2048 bytes in size for application monitoring and unit testing
    • It was found that most unit test suites required at least 8192 bytes of stack space to work correctly.
  • Failure to set the heap sizes to a sufficient size will result in linking errors.
  • Failure to set the stack size to a sufficient size may result in runtime errors (in the simulator) due to stack overwriting other parts of memory. In the simulator a program counter error eventually occurred.
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