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This topic explains how to reassign a reported task to another team member.

Parasoft Test assigns tasks based on its code authorship computations, which are described in Configuring Task Assignment and Code Authorship Settings. You can override these computations and reassign tasks as needed.

To reassign a task:

  1. In the Quality Tasks view, right-click the task you want to reassign, then choose Reassign TaskTo from the shortcut menu.
  2. Choose the option that indicates how you want the task reassigned.
    • To reassign the task to a specific user, choose Username, then enter the username of the person to whom you want that task assigned.
    • To reassign the task to the user who last modified the file, choose Last Author.
    • (Optional) If you want to remove the reassigned task from your Quality Tasks view, enable the Delete task if reassigning option.


If you are using Parasoft Team Server, then task assignment is managed by the server and shared across the team; otherwise, it is managed locally by your installation of Parasoft Test.

For example, if you are using Team Server and you reassign tasks to johndoe, those tasks will only be shown on johndoe’s machine; if you and other team members have set the Check only file/lines authored by [your_username] Scope option, those tasks will not appear on your machine or other team members’ machines.

If you are not using Team Server and you reassign tasks to johndoe, those tasks will not be shown on your machine, but may be shown on other team members’ machines.

Tip - Updating Task Assignment Upon Startup or Task Import

If you want check for task assignment updates each time that Parasoft Test starts or imports results from Team Server, enable the following setting: Parasoft> Preferences> Quality Tasks> Revalidate tasks' suppressions and reassigns on startup or import.

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