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This topic provides basic information about the capabilities of the C/C++test Plugin for Wind River Workbench 4.x.


You can integrate C/C++test with Wind River Workbench by installing the C/C++test Eclipse Plugin into your Wind River Workbench 4.x installation – see Installing the C/C++test into Wind River Workbench for details.

Supported Practices

Supported Project Types

Static analysis, unit testing, and application monitoring is supported for the following project types:

  • VxWorks Downloadable Kernel Module
  • VxWorks Real Time Process Project

Depending on the project structure, you may need to test your code through Test Projects – separate projects that enable testing. See Using Test Projects with the C/C++test Wind River Workbench Plugin.

Known Limitations

  • C/C++test does not support command line testing for Wind River Workbench projects. The command line interface is supported only for Test Projects.
  • The following compiler keywords are not supported:
    • extended
    • __interrupt__ and interrupt
    • __packed__ and packed
    • bool, pixel, vec_step, and vector AltiVec Keywords
    • __ev64_* Keywords
    • __accum, __fixed, __X, and __Y DSP Extensions
    • pascal
  • C++test may fail parsing when the following intrinsic functions or type specifiers  are used in the source code:
    • ARM: ffi
    • PPC: multiply-accumulate instructions (PPC405), AltiVec instructions group
    • Sh: __fixed type
    • Sparс: __scan and __divs

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