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This refers to the Makefile that the Tornado environment generates for the Tornado project when it is built. This Makefile is generated from a template using data stored in the Tornado project file. As a result, when you use this options source, it’s critical to rebuild the Tornado project after you change its options. Otherwise, they will not be updated in C++test. In many ways, usage of this options source is similar to usage of any other Makefile-based C++test project; for details, see Use options from a build system.

To use this options source, select Options source> Use options from build system in the C++test Properties panel’s Build Settings page (to access this, right-click the project node, choose Properties from the shortcut menu, then select Parasoft> C++test> Build Settings in the left pane).

Because of the specific way in which Tornado calls make targets, you must add one of your Tornado project's "Rules" to the Build command line (details are provided in Creating Projects Manually).

Be sure to specify the compiler's driver executable name for the chosen compiler family (e.g. "ccsimpc" for wregcs-2.9/VxSim) in the Compiler Settings> Linker area because the linking options extracted from a Tornado-generated Makefile are prepared to be passed through the driver.

Because the Makefile-based configuration is a very general one, you do not need to use the Tornado-generated Makefiles. Instead, you can create customized ones and manage the compilation/linking yourself. This way, you're not synchronized to any Tornado project, and if you stop using the Tornado compilers for testing, then you're completely out of the Tornado-support domain.

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