Both C++test standalone and the C++test Eclipse plugin allow C++test to be used with Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio v3.1 and 3.3—no special integration is required. 

C++test doesn't actually "integrate" with the Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio development environment; rather, it is preconfigured to support Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio’s set of compilers, allow C++test projects to use these compilers, and allow complete Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio projects to be imported into the C++test workspace. 

Support Overview

The following compiler/environment versions are supported:

  • Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio 3.1 and 3.3 (Windows hosted)
  • TMS320C6x C/C++ Compiler v6.0.8
  • TMS320C6x C/C++ Compiler v5.1.0 (Static Analysis only)
  • TMS320C2000 C/C++ Compiler v4.1.0 (Static Analysis only)

Code Composer v4

Code Composer Studio v4 is also supported —see Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio (Eclipse) Plugin for details.

The following components are provided to facilitate testing Texas Instruments Code Composer projects:

  • Compiler configurations:
    • TI TMS320C2000 C/C++ Compiler v4.1
    • TI TMS320C6x C/C++ Compiler v5.1
    • TI TMS320C6x C/C++ Compiler v6.0
  • Options source: “Use Options from CCS project”
  • Project import wizard: “Import Code Composer Studio Projects”
  • CLI/batch project importer: “-ccs” option
  • Make configurations for building the runtime library:
  • Test Configurations:
    • Run TI CCS 3.x Application with Memory Monitoring
    • Run TI CCS 3.x Tests
  • Test Flow recipes (associated with Test Configurations) that have integrated test results reading: "Run Unit Tests on TI Code Composer 3.x (license required)" and "Run TI Code Composer 3.x Application with Memory Monitoring (license required)”


A suitable environment needs to be setup for compiler executable execution. The recommended practice is to use the DosRun.bat file that is provided with the Code Composer distribution. Typically, this file is located in main directory of Code Composer distribution.

Known Limitations

Depending on the runtime testing features included in the test executable, the prepared test binary may be significantly larger than the original application. On some limited environments, there may be an issue with the amount of available program memory. A similar limitation applies to the additional consumption of heap and stack memory during program execution. To solve this problem, you may need to modify the program layout in the memory and change the size of available stack/heap.

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