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You can create a Test Configuration for triggering code reviews that can be used across multiple Parasoft code analysis and test execution tools. In this section:

Separate Code Review Process for Each Language

If you want to maintain a separate code review process for each language (separate reporting, reviewer configurations, etc.), use separate Parasoft Test products for each language. In other words, if you want to maintain separate processes for C and Java, code reviews, use Jtest for Java code review and C++test for C code review.

This option is covered in the previous code review topics. 

Centralized Code Review Process for All Language

If you want to establish a centralized product-independent code review process for all language (e.g., with centralized reporting, reviewer configurations, etc.), create a Parasoft Test (product-independent) code review Test Configuration, then configure your Parasoft Test products to use that Test Configuration. 

This option is discussed below. 


Enabling Parasoft Test (Product-Independent) Test Configurations

On all team Parasoft Test installations that you want to configure or access the product-independent code review Test Configuration(s):

  1. In the top-level preferences page, enable Show Parasoft Test configurations.

  2. Restart the product.

Creating a Parasoft Test (Product-Independent) Test Configuration

You can then create and share a cross-product Test Configuration as follows:

  1. On a Parasoft Test installation that is connected to Team Server, go to the Parasoft Test category of Test Configurations.

  2. Configure the code review Test Configuration (see Configuring a Test Configuration for Pre-Commit Code Reviews or Configuring a Test Configuration for Post-Commit Code Reviews for details).
  3. Upload it to Team Server (see Deploying Test Configurations Across the Team for details).



To use this test configuration from the GUI:

  • Choose it from the Parasoft Test category of Test Configurations.

Command Line

To use this test configuration from the command line:

  • Use the xtest prefix before the name of the Test Configuration. For example:
    -config " Review"
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