The Test Configuration’s Common tab controls test settings for actions that affect multiple analysis types.

The Common tab has the following settings:

  • Override Session Tag: Assigns the specified session tag to results from test runs performed using the current Test Configuration. This overrides the session tag specified in Preferences> Parasoft> Reports. This value is used for uploading summary results to Team Server. The tag is an identifier of the module checked during the analysis process. Reports for different modules should be marked with different tags.  The same variables that are valid for C++test Preferences options can be used here.
  • Before Testing> Refresh projects: Determines whether projects are refreshed before they are tested. When a project is refreshed, C++test checks whether external tools have changed the project in the local file system, and then applies any detected changes. Note that when you test from the command line, projects are always refreshed before testing.

  • Before Testing>  Update projects from source control: Determines whether projects are updated from source control (if you using a supported source control system) before they are tested.
  • Build: Determines if and when whether projects are built before they are tested. Note that this settings applies to GUI tests, not command-line tests. Available options include:
    • Full (rebuild all files): Specifies that all project files should  always be rebuilt.
    • Incremental (build files changed since last build): Specifies that only the project files that have changed since the previous build should be rebuilt.

    • Stop testing on build errors: Specifies that testing should stop when build errors are reported.
  • After Testing> Commit added/modified files to source control if no tasks were reported: Allows you to combine your testing and your source control check-ins into a single step. For example, you would enable this if you want to analyze  files, then have the modified files automatically checked in if no static analysis violations or unit test failures are reported. This enables single-step analysis and checkin. This option is always disabled in command line mode.
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