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The Literal and Literal XML input mode is a text field for directly specifying a message or request body. This enables you to work with an existing message, such as a sample from developers, a message traced from the server, etc. Once a message is copied into the field, you can switch to a Form input mode, which will be populated using schema-aware and schema-constrained heuristics.  


Use this option if you want to type or copy a message into the UI. Select the appropriate MIME type, then enter the message in the text field below the Text radio button.

All changes must be saved to be implemented during test execution.

Parameterizing with Hierarchical Data from a Data Repository Data Source

You can parameterize complex XML and JSON elements from a Parasoft Data Repository data source column, which may reference zero, one, or multiple hierarchical record values.

  1. Add a Parasoft Repository Data source. See Creating a Repository Data Source.

  2. Use "ParasoftColumn" to specify which Data Repository column should be used to parameterize that level in the hierarchy of the message. See Hierarchical Parameterization with Literal View.


If you already have a file that specifies the message, use this option to indicate the location of that file.

Data Source

If you already have a file containing the various messages you want to use:

  1. Setup a File data source for that file (as described in Adding a Data Source at the Test Suite, Project, or Global Level andAdding a Data Source at the Responder Suite, Project, or Global Level).

  2. Use the Data source name column box to indicate which column of data you want to use.