In this release we have greatly enhanced the API Testing and Service Virtualization modules in our thin client interface. This interface enables teams to quickly initiate testing projects and enables the entire test and development community to create test cases and virtual services through the intuitive browser interface. This functionality is powered by the SOAtest and Virtualize servers and can be easily deployed via Docker and cloud platforms.

New Tools and Workflows

This release includes new tools and significant enhancements to the thin client interface for API Testing (powered by SOAtest) and Service Virtualization (powered by Virtualize).

Support for RAML 1.0

The API Testing and Service Virtualization modules can now consume API data from latest RAML definition, extending our support for the latest advancements in development specifications for RESTful services. 

Expanded Cloud Deployment Options

Preconfigured deployment images for CTP and Virtualize are now available in both the Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure marketplaces. These images can be licensed either 'on-demand' (managed by the marketplace) or via 'bring your own license' (BYOL).

Resolved Issues

The following issues were resolved in this update:

CTP-1643CTP API call that returns jobs based on systemID parameter
CTP-1641Shallow lock for System Diagram
CTP-1598Database errors in ActiveMQ thread when responders have long names
CTP-1571Environment Instance Dropdown does not properly change instance display
CTP-1568No visual indication of currently provisioned environment instance
CTP-1535Anonymous access users in CTP can alter artifacts 
CTP-1569Tomcat Error file Piling with duplicate key Error 
CTP-1637All Tests Receive the Status "Failed" if One Test Fails


*For Service Virtualization only; requires Parasoft Virtualize 9.10.2 or higher.