This topic explains the general procedure for running tests from the SOAtest GUI.

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Running a Test

Parasoft can perform a variety of software quality practices, such as static analysis, functional testing, and regression testing. These activities are execute with SOAtest by running a Test Configuration, which defines the precise nature and scope of the test or analysis. 

SOAtest is packaged with a number of preconfigured Test Configurations, which are described in Built-in Test Configurations. See Configuring Test Configurations and Rules for Policies for information about creating a custom Test Configuration.

In addition to customizing Test Configurations, you may also want to configure task assignment, reporting, and other preferences as described in the Configuration before you start testing.

The general procedure for testing from the GUI is as follows:

  1. Select the resources you want to analyze or the tests you want to execute in the Test Case Explorer or Navigator view. You can use Ctrl + click or Shift + click to select multiple resources.
  2. Start the test in one of the following ways:

"Grayed-Out" Test Configurations = Incompatible Test Configurations

If a Test Configuration is "grayed out," this indicated that it was created with an incompatible version of SOAtest, and cannot be applied with the current version.

SOAtest will then run the test scenario defined by the selected Test Configuration. 

Reviewing Results

Test progress and results summaries will be reported in the Test Progress tab that SOAtest opens when it starts the test. Detailed results will be reported in the Quality Tasks view. Drill down to see details about the test findings. 

The general procedure for reviewing results (as well as generating reports) is common across the various products in the Parasoft Test family, and is described in Reviewing Results

Fine-Tuning Test Settings

To change test settings—such as what rules are checked—edit an existing Test Configuration or create a new one, then run a test using the modified/new Test Configuration. Test Configurations and all related parameters can be viewed, edited, and modified in the Test Configurations dialog. To open this dialog, choose Parasoft> Test Configurations from the menu bar. 

For the general procedure for configuring Test Configurations, see Configuring Test Configurations and Rules for Policies.

For details on Test Configuration settings available for SOAtest, see SOAtest Test Configuration Settings.