During a test, C++test will execute generated and user-defined  tests (or run the application with runtime coverage monitoring enabled) based on the parameters defined in the selected Test Configuration’s Execution tab

The Execution tab has the following settings:

General tab

Symbols tab

Library symbols identification mode

This section specifies how C++test creates a list of original symbol definitions  (e.g., for functions or global variable) that should be available (for example, in external libraries) when preparing a test executable.

Symbol Sources

Auto-generated stubs

Perform early check for potential linker problems

This option determines if C++test aborts unit testing execution if any missing symbol is detected during symbols/stubs analysis.If unresolved symbols are reported, see Resolving Linker Errors from Unresolved Symbols for tips on how to resolve them.

Runtime tab

     •  Debug directly in Eclipse IDE using configuration: Determines if C++test runs tests with a debugger directly in the Eclipse IDE (according to an Eclipse Debug Configuration you have configured). If you enable this option, you must also specify the Eclipse Debug Configuration you want to use.