This topic explains how authors use Code Review to examine and respond to comments that a reviewer has added.

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For details on how a developer prepares code for review in a "pre-commit" code review workflow, see Configuring and Running Pre-Commit Code Review Scans.

Typical Workflow

Authors use Code Review to review and respond to reviewer comments as follows:

  1. Import or refresh tasks in the Quality Tasks view.
  2. Double-click the node for the item you want to explore.
  3. Choose Parasoft> Show View> Code Review Issue to open the Code Review Issue view.
  4. Read the available reviewer comments.
  5. Modify the source code as needed in your editor.

    If you are working in a post-commit process, a new "To review" code review task will be generated as soon as you commit the modified code. In that case, additional issues and comments will be associated with that new code review task, and the current issue can be closed.

  6. Add your comments on the issue (your response to the reviewer).
  7. Click the appropriate status button in the toolbar:
  8. Click the Commit Review button in the top of the Code Review Issue view.
  9. When you done working on a revision that your reviewer has accepted, right-click the revision and choose Mark as Done. The revision will then be removed from your code review tree  This option is available only in certain workflow configurations. See below for details.

Workflow Diagrams

The following diagrams illustrate the various workflows available. 

For more details, see Workflow Overview.

Cancelling a Review

If you want to cancel a complete review or any part of a review (e.g., if you mistakenly committed a package for review  or want to make additional changes prior to the review), right-click the appropriate item(s) in the code review tree, then choose Cancel from the shortcut menu.

Adding a Reviewer

If you want to add another reviewer (e.g., for a second opinion), right-click the appropriate item(s) in the code review tree, then choose Add Reviewer from the shortcut menu.