Because C++test performs a thorough analysis of code, the initial tests often identify a large number of errors, potential errors, and items to review. 

To ensure that  C++test does not report an overwhelming number of tasks, the team manager can specify a reporting limit (such as "Do not report more than 25 static analysis tasks per developer per day") and/or a quality goal (such as "All static analysis violations should be fixed in 2 months"). C++test will then use the specified criteria to select a subset of testing tasks for each developer to perform each day. These goals are specified in the Goals tab. Progress towards these goals can then be monitored in reports.

Alternatively, you can set global team goals—goals that may span across multiple Test Configurations—as described in the Configuring Task Goals. This requires Team Server and a Parasoft Test Server license. If goals are set globally, the Goals tab in the Test Configuration panel will be disabled.

The Goals tab has the following settings:

Static tab

Execution tab