During a test, C++test will perform static analysis based on the parameters defined in the Test Configuration used for that test.

The main Static tab has the following settings:

Rules Tree tab

  • The number next to each rule ID indicates the rule’s severity level. The severity level indicates the chance that a violation of the rule will cause a serious construction defect (a coding construct that causes application problems such as slow performance, security vulnerabilities, and so on). Possible severity levels (listed from most severe to least severe) are:
    • Highest - Level 1
    • High  - Level 2
    • Medium  - Level 3
    • Low  - Level 4
    • Lowest  - Level 5
  • To learn about the rules that are included with C++test, choose Help> Help Contents, then open the C++test Static Analysis Rules book, then browse the available rule description files.
  • To generate a printable list of all rules that a given Test Configuration is configured to check:
      1. Open the Test Configurations panel by choosing Parasoft> Test Configurations.
      2. Select the Test Configurations category that represents the user-defined Test Configuration you want to modify.
      3. Open the Static tab.
      4. Click the Printable Docs button.

Flow Analysis Advanced Settings tab

This tab allows you to control specific Flow Analysis options, such as analysis depth, support for multithreading APIs,  and violation reporting verbosity. For details, see Configuring Flow Analysis Analysis Options.