Connecting to DTP allows you to obtain the network license and extend team-working capabilities, such as:

In addition, DTP aggregates and prioritizes data collected from analysis tools, as well as performs additional analysis to help you optimize development processes; see About the Parasoft Development Testing Workflow for details.

Configuring Connection to DTP Server

The connection must be configured in the .properties configuration file (see Configuration Overview). Set the following properties to configure the connection:

We highly recommend that you use an encoded password to ensure successful authentication and increase the level of security; see Creating an Encoded Password.

Creating an Encoded Password

dotTEST can encrypt your password, which adds a layer of security to your interactions with DTP Server. Run the following command to print an encoded password:  

-encodepass [MYPASSWORD]

Copy the encoded password that is returned and paste it into the file:

dtp.password=[ENCODED PASSWORD]

About the Parasoft Development Testing Workflow