Templates are defined in a JSON file. The following elements can be used:

name(Required) The name that appears in the Create dashboard from a template Template drop-down menu in Report Center.
id(Required) Unique identifier used internally by DTP.
widgets [ { id } ](Required) Unique identifier assigned to widgets in DTP. See Widgets for a description of widgets shipped with DTP, including their IDs. The id element maps to the name element value in a widget JSON file. Widget JSON files are stored the INSTALL_DIR/grs/widget directory.
type(Required) Specifies with which version of the DTP architecture the widget is associated. The type should be either legacy for DTP 5.1.4 and older or native. for DTP 5.2.0 or later.
presets(Optional) Specifies the placement of the widget on the dashboard grid (see About the Dashboard Grid. By default, widgets are placed left to right and top to bottom.

The following example demonstrates how to format the elements in a custom template JSON file:

		"name": "Diagnostic Dashboard",
		"id": "diagnosticDashboard",
		"widgets": [
			"id": "LastRunsDetailsGrid",
			"type": "legacy"
				"col": 1,
				"row": 2
			"id": "DataCollectorDiagnosticWidget"