The following instructions assume that you have active systems in place. The upgrade will not impact these systems, environments, and components.

Uninstalling the Earlier Version

  1. Ensure that you have downloaded the latest CTP package.
  2. (Recommended) Back up your database as described in Database Backup, Re-Creation, and Porting.
  3. Shut down the Tomcat running the earlier version.
  4. In your Tomcat installation, navigate to /webapps/em/
  5. Delete your existing license file.
  6. (If using a MySQL or Oracle database) Copy the mysql-connector or ojdbc jar file from WEB-INF/lib/ to a temporary location.
  7. Delete /webapps/em/ and /work/Catalina/localhost/em/. Note that all useful information (besides the license) is persisted in the database. 
  8. Move the existing em.war to your temporary location. Keep the backups outside of the /webapps/ folder so Tomcat doesn’t try to use them.
  9. (Optional) Reset persisted data from the database (create a backup first):

Installing CTP

  1. Place the new em.war in the /webapps folder.
  2. Start Tomcat.
  3. Replace the license file in /webapps/em/ with your new CTP 3.x license file.
  4. (If using a MySQL or Oracle database) Restore the mysql-connector or ojdbc jar file you copied in step 6 above to /webapps/em/WEB-INF/lib/.
  5. Restart Tomcat.
  6. When prompted, save the existing license.

Updating the Database

  1. Choose Administration> Database Configuration.
  2. Click the Update button under the Database Updates section.

If you do not see the Update section and button, this means that no update is required.

Connecting to Your Virtualize/SOAtest Server

See Integrating Virtualize Server and/or SOAtest Server with CTP.