This topic explains how you can perform static code analysis with C/C++test Plugin for Wind River Workbench 4.x.

Configuring the Project

C/C++test Plugin for Wind River Workbench 4.x supports the following project types:

Before you analyze your C/C++ code, be sure the project is properly configured. Open the Properties of the project, go to Parasoft> C/C++test> Build Settings and ensure that the following options are configured:

(info) The compiler family and executables are automatically set during during the first analysis run.

Performing Static Analysis

  1. In your IDE, select the resource(s) you want to test.

  2. Run a static analysis test configuration. See Running a Test Configuration for information how to launch a test configuration.
  3. Review the results when the analysis is completed. See Reviewing Results and Reviewing Static Code Analysis Results for details.

For more information about C/C++tests static analysis capabilities see Static Code Analysis and  Flow Analysis.