The Findings view shows the results of local static analysis runs and unit test executions, as well as the findings imported from DTP server or an XML file (see 指摘事項のインポート for instructions on importing findings).  

  1. Choose Parasoft> Show View> Findings to open this view.
    It will display findings associated with the default finding properties (see DTP Finding Properties for information about the properties ). You can configure the contents of the Findings view and choose the properties you want to view; see 指摘事項ビューのカスタマイズ for details.

  2. Right-click a finding for additional options.

    You can perform the following actions:

The red icon indicates that the file associated with the finding has been modified after the code analysis was run. As a result, the finding location within the file may not be up-to-date or the finding may have already been resolved. 

Filtering Findings by File

By default, the Findings view collects findings detected for all files in consecutive analysis runs. The Link with Editor option allows you to focus on findings reported for the file you are currently working on. 

  1. If not already open, choose Parasoft> Show View> Findings from the IDE main menu.
  2. Click the Link with Editor button on the Findings view menu bar.

    The Findings view will be refreshed to show only findings for the active file.