This topic introduces the XML Validator tool, which  checks whether XML is well-formed and can also validate XML against schema definitions. 

Sections include:

Understanding XML Validator

This tool  checks whether XML is well-formed and can also be configured to validate XML against schema definitions. It is primarily chained to the response output of a SOAP or Messaging Client.

A well-formed document conforms to the following guidelines:

A valid XML document contains a proper document type declaration and obeys the constraints of that declaration (correct elements, nesting, attributes, attribute values, etc.). As a test suite tool, it allows you to check XML as part of your functional test scenario. To check XML during static analysis, use the "Check XML Well-formedness" rule, which is in the Validate XML category. This rule has the same customization options as the XML Validator tool.

Customizing XML Validator

You can customize the following options: