1. If you do not have an existing project, Responder suite, and .pva file to contain the SQL Responder, create one now. See Adding Projects, Virtual Assets, and Responder Suites.
  2. Add a SQL Responder tool to the .pva file. See Adding Responders, Output Tools, and Validations.
  3. Specify the following settings in the tool configuration panel:
  4. Click Update next to the JDBC URL field.

Deploying the Virtual Asset

Before deploying the virtual asset, configure the .pva’s HTTP settings as described in Configuring Virtual Database Deployment Settings.

Customizing the Virtual Asset

You must first specify whether the virtual asset should use a CSV data source or a Data Repository data source connected to a SQL data set. Verify the following if you will use a Data Repository data source:

You can edit the SQL Responder tool configuration as described in SQL Responder.