Parasoft Continuous Testing Platform (CTP—previously known as Environment Manager) provides a consolidated platform uniting API testing, service virtualization, and test environment management. This allows an organization to "shift left" the testing effort and accelerate the SDLC to meet the growing time-to-market pressure for software applications. From a single intuitive interface users can create virtual assets for AUT dependencies that are not ready or available for testing, then immediately start defining and executing end-to-end tests against a combination of the real and virtual assets.

CTP enables development and QA users to rapidly access the specific environment instances they need for testing. Powered by Parasoft Virtualize, CTP allows the end user of "virtual assets" to create and configure the exact assets they need to accurately stand up a test environment. CTP also acts as a central repository for the necessary configuration details of the dependent systems associated with the application under test.

DevOps and “Continuous Everything” initiatives require the ability to assess the risks associated with a release candidate—instantly and continuously. Parasoft Continuous Testing helps organizations rapidly and precisely validate that their applications satisfy business expectations around functionality, reliability, performance, and security. Even novice team members can configure and provision a complete test environment, then immediately execute tests against the appropriate test environment configurations.

How Do CTP and SOAtest Work Together?

You can use CTP to add, review, extend, and reorganize SOAtest .tsts, test suites, and tools.

From CTP's Test Scenario management page, you can add, configure, and manage test scenarios and test clients for REST and SOAP APIs (powered by SOAtest). The test configuration interface is designed to help new users rapidly define a core set of tests. In addition, users can review, modify, and extend the team's existing library of test assets from SOAtest.

There are three main ways that your library of test scenarios can be used in CTP:

Core Capabilities

Service Virtualization

Parasoft Service Virtualization helps development and QA teams access the complete, realistic test environments needed to develop or test an application—anytime, anywhere. Testing is often delayed or cut short because it's difficult to access the complete, realistic test environments required to test meaningful transactions. By replacing unavailable dependencies with easily accessible and configurable "virtual assets", service virtualization allows teams to start testing earlier, test more completely, and test continuously.

API Testing 

Parasoft API Testing provides unprecedented test automation to help testers ensure the security, reliability, and performance of transactions across modern business systems. From a single intuitive interface, it automates "end-to-end" test scenarios across multiple endpoints (APIs/services, databases, Web UIs, ESBs, mainframes…). Beyond robust support for REST and web services, the solution supports an industry-leading 120+ protocols/message types.

Test Environment Management

Parasoft Environment Manager integrates and extends the above API testing and service virtualization capabilities via an intuitive web-based interface for creating, managing, sharing, and executing test environments (including service virtual assets) and tests. Environment Manager unites test environment management (test environment setup, visualization, validation, and provisioning), service virtualization (virtual asset creation, configuration, and deployment), and API testing (test creation, management, and execution).

Test Data Management

Centralized creation and management of secure test data that can be applied across all solutions and integrated tools (including open source tools), as well as across team roles and test types (API/service, integration, performance, security…)


Parasoft Marketplace provides easy access to an array of complementary service virtualization and API testing extensions developed by Parasoft, Parasoft’s partners, and the Parasoft user community. This public marketplace is complemented by a private library which allows you to share extensions and scripts across your team, division, organization, and partner ecosystem.