This topic helps you troubleshoot problems you might experience with C++test.

What Do I Do If C++test Runs Out of Memory?

You cancustomize the amount of allocated memory with the CPPTEST_ENGINE_EXTRA_ARGS option by specifying the value of the -Xmx setting. This may be particularly useful for when you perform static analysis or report results to DTP. See Configuring Advanced Options for details.

How do I analyze header files/what files are analyzed?  

C++test analyzes C/C++ source files directly and header files indirectly. Based on the current selection, C++test will analyze all C/C++ source files and report violations for all source and header files from the selection (only for header files included by the source files).

For example:

How can I create a report with a list of active coding standard rules?

When generating a report, specify a report configuration file that contains the following entry:

How can I  modify the verbosity level of the C++test Console?

Choose Parasoft> Preferences, select  Console, then select the desired verbosity level (High, Normal, Low).

High VerbosityNormal VerbosityLow Verbosity

Basic info about the current step’s name and status (done, failed, up-to-date)




Command LinesYesYesNo
Violations printed out during static analysis and unit testing execution

Yes, full-format

Yes, short-format


How can I import C++test 6.x Test Configurations?

See Migrating test assets from C++test 6.x.

Why is C++test unable to generate test cases in Visual Studio 2017?

C++test cannot generate test cases when project caching is enabled in Visual Studio 2017. To ensure that test cases can be generated, disable project caching:

  1. In the Visual Studio 2017 main menu, go to Tools> Options.
  2. Expand Projects and Solutions and select VC++ Project Settings.
  3. Set the Enable Project Caching option to No to disable project caching.

Why are some Parasoft options not working in the Solution Explorer context menu in Visual Studio 2017?

To ensure that all Parasoft options are working in the Solution Explorer context menu, the following Visual Studio Workloads must be installed with your Visual Studio 2017:

  1. Run the Visual Studio Installer.
  2. Select the appropriate Workloads when prompted.

What if C++test does not launch in the command line mode?

Installing or updating extensions or other Visual Studio components may corrupt Visual Studio's Component Model Cache, which can prevent C++test from launching. To clear the Component Model Cache, try to run cpptestcli with the -clearcmc option.

Why are suppressions of some rules no longer available on DTP after C/C++test was upgraded to a newer version?

Suppressions associated with rules whose messages changed between releases may not be available on DTP and the rules must be re-suppressed.

(info) You can restore legacy messages for BD category rules in version 10.4.1 and later by configuring the following advanced option (see Configuring Advanced Options):

CPPTEST_ENGINE_EXTRA_ARGS="-property flowanalysis.legacy.messages.for.<rule_ID>=true"

For example:

CPPTEST_ENGINE_EXTRA_ARGS="-property flowanalysis.legacy.messages.for.BD.PB.ARRAY=true -property flowanalysis.legacy.messages.for.BD.PB.ZERO=true"

To successfully restore the legacy messages, ensure that you remove the .cpptest folder that contains the local C/C++test cache data from following location: <workspace_location>/.cpptest/.dtpengine/.cpptest.

If I’m having problems, what information should I send to the  C++test support team?

See Contacting Parasoft Technical Support.