Accessing the Sample Project

Before you can test code with C++test, it must be available in a Microsoft Visual Studio solution/project. Once the project is available in Visual Studio, the appropriate build settings must be configured in order for C++test to properly test your project. For details on configuring these settings, see the User Guide.

To access the preconfigured Microsoft Visual Studio solution for the sample ATM code:

  1. Make a copy of the original examples directory in <Visual Studio C++test install directory>/<VS Version>/Examples.
  2. Open the Examples solution in Visual Studio.

Sanity Checking the Correctness of the Created Project


  1. Configure the output verbosity level by choosing Parasoft> Preferences, selecting Parasoft> Console, then setting the verbosity level to Normal.
  2. Select your project in the project tree.
  3. Choose Parasoft> Test Using> Built-in> Static Analysis> Parasoft’s Recommended Rules. The progress dialog will indicate when the test is completed. The dialog should report that checking has been performed on 8 files. TheOutputlog should report a summary of violations found. (If you do not see theOutputview, choose View> Output).