This edition of C++test is a Visual Studio plugin; it installs into Visual Studio and operates within the Visual Studio IDE.

  • Installation and initial run must be performed by a user with Administrator privileges.
  • When running C++test, you must have write access to the directory containing the testing solution and project. Specifically, if you are using a non-Administrator account, you have to copy C++test example projects from the 'Program Files' location into the user directory and run the tests on the copied projects.
  • The C++test CLI executable (cpptestcli.exe) should be executed from a directory with write access (because the working directory is the default location in which C++test generates the report after tests).
  • If your machine-id is WIN32-0, remove the file located in <DRIVE>:\Users\<USER_NAME>\.parasoft\C++Test\10.x\license

C++test does not integrate with Visual Studio Express Edition.