• The distribution of C/C++test Professional contains the distribution of C/C++test Standard.

The following compilers are no longer supported (see Compilers for details about currently supported compilers):

Compiler NameCompiler Acronym
ARM Developer Suite 1.2ads_1_2
Borland C++ Compiler 5.6.x for Win32bcc32_5_6
CodeGear C++ Compiler 5.9.x for Win32bcc32_5_9
Wind River Diab 5.0diab_5_0
Wind River Diab 5.5.xdiab_5_5
Wind River Diab 5.6.xdiab_5_6
eCosCentric GCC 3.4.xecosgcc_3_4
Microsoft Embedded Visual C++ 4.0evc_4_0
Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 for Windows Mobileevc_8_0
Microsoft Visual C++ 9.0 for Windows Mobileevc_9_0
GNU GCC 2.9.xgcc_2_9
GNU GCC 3.2.xgcc_3_2
GNU GCC 3.3.xgcc_3_3
GNU GCC 3.3.x (x86_64)gcc_3_3-64
GNU GCC 3.4.xgcc_3_4
GNU GCC 3.4.x (x86_64)gcc_3_4-64
Green Hills Software Compiler for V850 v. 3.4ghs_3_4
Green Hills Software Compiler Native v. 4.0.xghs_4_0
IAR Compiler for MSP430 v. 4.2xicc430_4_2
IAR Compiler for MSP430 v. 5.3xicc430_5_3
IAR Compiler for ARM v. 5.3xiccarm_5_3
IAR Compiler for ARM v. 5.4xiccarm_5_4
IAR Compiler for ARM v. 5.5xiccarm_5_5
Altera Nios II 5.1 b73 GCC 3.4.xnios2gcc_3_4
Altera Nios GCC 2.9niosgcc_2_9
QNX GCC 2.9.xqcc_2_9
QNX GCC 3.3.xqcc_3_3
ARM RealView 2.2rvct_2_2
ARM RealView 3.0rvct_3_0
ARM RealView 3.1rvct_3_1
ARM RealView 3.1 for uVisionrvct_3_1_uV
ARM RealView 4.0rvct_4_0
ARM RealView 4.0 for uVisionrvct_4_0_uV
STMicroelectronics ST20st20_2_2
STMicroelectronics ST40st40_3_1
TI TMS470 C/C++ Compiler v4.9.xtiarm_4_9
TI ARM C/C++ Compiler v5.0.xtiarm_5_0
TI TMS320C2000 C/C++ Compiler v4.1tic2000_4_1
TI TMS320C2000 C/C++ Compiler v5.2tic2000_5_2
TI TMS320C2000 C/C++ Compiler v6.0tic2000_6_0
TI TMS320C54x C/C++ Compiler v4.2tic54x_4_2
TI TMS320C55x C/C++ Compiler v4.3tic55x_4_3
TI TMS320C6x C/C++ Compiler v5.1tic6000_5_1
TI TMS320C6x C/C++ Compiler v6.0tic6000_6_0
TI TMS320C6x C/C++ Compiler v6.1tic6000_6_1
TI TMS320C6x C/C++ Compiler v7.0tic6000_7_0
TI TMS320C6x C/C++ Compiler v7.2tic6000_7_2
TI MSP430 C/C++ Compiler v3.2timsp430_3_2
Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0vc_6_0
Microsoft Visual C++ 7.0vc_7_0
Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1vc_7_1
Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0vc_8_0
Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 (x64)vc_8_0-64
Altium TASKING Vx-toolset for TriCore C/C++ Compiler 2.5vxtc_2_5
Altium TASKING Vx-toolset for TriCore C/C++ Compiler 3.3vxtc_3_3
Altium TASKING Vx-toolset for TriCore C/C++ Compiler 3.4vxtc_3_4
Altium TASKING Vx-toolset for TriCore C/C++ Compiler 3.5vxtc_3_5
Wind River EGCS 2.9wregcs_2_9
Wind River GCC 2.9wrgcc_2_9

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