Support Overview

IAR EW integration is provided as follows:

The following components are provided to facilitate testing IAR Embedded Workbench projects: 

There are more Test Configurations mentioned in toolchain-specific sections. These are configured manually and intended only as a backup solution when EW-generated C-SPY batch script isn't available or in other problematic cases. Please use the forementioned "Batch Template" Test Configurations whenever possible.

Standard test configurations, such as "Generate Unit Tests", "Generate Stubs", etc., can also be used for IAR projects and are recommended to help ensure code quality.

Starting with C++test 9.1, extensive changes have been applied to support environments where multiple IAR EW installations co-exist. The information about which IAR version/installation to use is crucial for enabling C++test to correctly build and test your projects. 

IAR does not recommend using internal project data to obtain information about IAR version/installation, so it must be deduced by from the IAR Windows registry entries and other primary information, such as EW_DIR or PATH environment variable values. We strongly recommend setting the EW_DIR variable to the EW installation folder path and allow the other method to operate as a C++test backup mechanism.  

C++test uses these versioning methods both when importing projects and when scanning '.ewp' project files. With each method and environment setting, C++test will check the availability of chosen/deduced EW installation in the registry; if it is not properly registered, C++test will not be able to work with it. 

During a single session (application run), C++test can work with only the single chosen EW version/installation. To change this, you need to restart C++test with the modified environment.


Known Limitations