This section provides an example of how to update the SOAtest and Virtualize Server for Jetty. See Jetty Example Deployment for new server installations.

  1. Stop Jetty Server and locate <JETTY_START_DIR>/webapps/ROOT. This is the <SOAVIRT_HOME> directory.
  2. Copy the file from <SOAVIRT_HOME>/WEB-INF directory to a temporary location.
  3. Delete the following directories from <SOAVIRT_HOME>:
    1. apifiles 
    2. axis2 
    3. META-INF
    4. WEB-INF 
  4. Extract the contents of the new WAR file into <SOAVIRT_HOME>.
  5. Replace file in <SOAVIRT_HOME>/WEB-INF directory with the file from step 2.
  6. Open file and verify the license configuration.
  7. Start Jetty <JETTY_START_DIR> by executing the following command: java -jar <JETTY_HOME>/start.jar
  8. Browse to http://<host>:<port> and verify that one of following messages appears:

    No virtual asset or proxy found at this path: / 

    Enabled virtual assets:


    There are no deployments on this server. Cannot respond to this request: /.