This topic explains how manage the test suite.

Sections include:

Deleting Test Cases

To delete a test case, right-click the related Test Suite tree node, then choose Delete from the shortcut menu.

Disabling/Enabling a Test or Test Suite

You can temporarily disable tests or test suites that you want to save as part of your project, but do not want to run at the current time. To disable a test or test suite:

To enable a test or test suite that you previously disabled:

To disable multiple tests or test suites:

To enable multiple tests or test suites that you previously disabled:

Disabling/Enabling a Tool

If you plan to use your test suite for load testing and you anticipate load testing with a large load, disabling heavy-chained tools (e.g. Diff tools or Check XML) may be useful and allow you to generate more load rather than having to delete the tools or create a new test suite.

To enable or disable all tools of the same type from the test suite level:

  1. Right-click the main test suite tree node.
  2. Choose Search and Replace> Enable/Disable> [Tool Type] from the shortcut menu. Only tools that are used in the test suite display in the shortcut menu. Whatever tool you select, will be enabled or disabled in the entire test suite wherever it is used. Disabled tools will turn gray indicating that they are disabled and the test suite will function as if the tools are not there.

Saving and Restoring a Test Suite

Test suites are saved when you save a project file and are restored whenever you open the related project file.

Exporting a Test Suite

You may find that many configuration settings will be common across multiple tests. Rather than duplicating these settings, you can export test settings to an external file and import or reference the values in other tests.

To export environments, complete the following:

  1. Right-click the Test Suite tree node that you want to be exported, then select Export from the shortcut menu.
  2. Select the appropriate .tst file from the file chooser that opens.

Importing a Test Suite

SOAtest lets you import previously-saved test suites so that you can easily share tests with fellow team members and integrate test suites as needed. When a test suite is imported, it can be edited to the specific needs of the team members.

To import a previously-saved test suite into an existing Test Suite:

  1. Right-click the Test Suite tree node where you want the test suite integrated, then select Add New> Test Suite from the shortcut menu.
  2. Select Import Test (.tst) File and click the Finish button.
  3. Select the appropriate .tst file from the file chooser that opens. After you import a test suite, it will be integrated into the current test suite.