This topic explains how to configure and apply the REST URL Data Bank tool, which enables you to extract values from REST URLs for use in your testing activities. URLs can also be sent to a Writable Data Source and accessed in the Extension Tool, or it can be sent to variables for easy reuse across the .tsts (Test Suites), Responder Suites, or Action suites.

Understanding the REST URL Data Bank

This tool enables you to extract the following values from a REST URL and store them in a data bank:

You can extract parameters that occur multiple times by concatenating the values.

Adding the REST URL Data BankTool

  1. Right-click the action suite or responder associated with the data you want to extract and choose Add Output...
  2. In the Add Output wizard, choose REST URL Data Bank in the tools panel and click Finish. If you are viewing tools by category, the REST URL Data Bank is in the Data Exchange folder.
  3. You can add a name for your instance of the tool and configure the tool settings (see Configuring the REST URL Data Bank Tool).
  4. Save your changes.

Configuring the REST URL Data Bank Tool

  1. In the Tool Settings section, choose the components you want to extract from the REST URL by clicking on a value in the Available REST Extractions column. 
  2. Click Add. The URL components will be added to the Extract panel.

  3. To change how the value is saved in the data bank, select a component and click Modify.
  4. Configure any additional options (see Tool Options) and save your changes.

Tool Options

The following options can be configured