This topic provides a general introduction to the reports that SOAtest produces for GUI and cli tests. Report details will vary based on report settings, the Test Configuration used, and the errors found.

Sections include:

Report Types

Two types of  reports can be produced from the command line interface:

For example, if a test generated 5 tasks for Tom and 10 tasks for Joe, the comprehensive report would contain all 15 tasks, Tom’s report would contain 5 tasks, and Joe’s report would contain 10 tasks.

Report Contents

Reports may contain the following sections:

Header/Navigation Bar

The top left cell of the header/navigation bar shows the time and date of the test. The remaining cells (Static Analysis, Test Execution) each link to the named report section.

Static Analysis Section

The Static Analysis section includes several items:

Test Execution Section

The Test Execution section includes several items:

Team Server Report Link

This link allows you to directly browse to this and other report files available on Team Server. In the reports available on Team Server, all links (for instance, links to Category) are active. All links are not active in emailed reports. Thus, if you want to explore an emailed report in more detail, we recommend that you follow this link and access the report on Team Server.