This topic explains how to configure and apply the Attachment Handler tool in SOAtest and Virtualize. This tool manages MIME attachments.

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Understanding Attachment Handler

The Attachment Handler tool manages all of the MIME attachments that are received as part of a SOAP response or an incoming message. Since so many MIME attachments can be sent, it is useful to be able to keep track of each attachment.

To use the Attachment Handler tool, you must chain it to a SOAP Client (SOAtest) or Message Responder (Virtualize) tool that receives MIME attachments as part of the response or incoming message. The MIME attachments that are returned will be managed by the Attachment Handler.

Configuring Attachment Handler

To configure the Attachment Handler tool:

  1. Add the Attachment Handler tool as an output to the SOAP Client or Message Responder. In the Add Output wizard, select Response> Attachment from the left pane, Attachment Handler from the right pane, and click the Finish button.

  2. Double-click the Response Attachment> Attachment Handler node. The following Attachment Handler operations display in the right GUI panel.

Attaching Outputs to the Attachment Handler

You can also add outputs such as Diff tools or XML Data Banks to the Attachment Handler tool. To do so, complete the following:

  1. Right-click the desired Attachment Handler node and select Add Output from the shortcut menu.
  2. From the Add Output wizard, complete one of the following: